1. Crosses - Telepathy Lyrics

  2. Kill la Killキルラキル OST 04 -Blumenkranz

    Diese Welt ist grausam
    Es ist traurig aber wahr
    Diese Welt ist seltsam
    Es ist fraglich aber wahr
    Ist der Blumengarten echt oder falsch?

  3. thedevintownsendfanproject:

    Katatonia - Lethean

  4. Leprous - The Valley

    Valley in sin
    This valley I’m in
    Where you are,
    my secret star?

  5. I saw her face (The Men)

    It looks a dream
    I saw her face
    So why you betrayed
    The instinct of the way ?
    Make me aware
    To that pressure plans
    When the sky’s blue
    And the love is true, yeaaah
    There’s a stolen sky
    Before he stays
    Less than you seemed
    The greatest of the wings
    It’s a happy way
    The day official plays
    When they covered the door
    I like to see her face yeaaaah

  6. The Men - Another Night

  7. Golpe Maestro - vetusta morla

    El nuevo single de Vetusta.
    Ojito con la letra :)

  8. Radiohead - Staircase (live From the Basement)

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